Corrective Exercise Prescription

CEP-Movement preparation for Movement Efficiency.

Corrective Exercise Prescription with Dr Naomi Cooper, a registered Osteopath and a CHEK Corrective Exercise Coach. Combining manual therapy with movement training to correct the dysfunctional patterns that may be the cause of your pain. If you find yourself doing any of these movement habits you might benefit from these sessions:

  • Shoulder hunched up on one side
  • Head tilted or rotated
  • Chin lifted, meaning excessive cervical lordosis
  • Pelvic tilted too far in one direction, forward or back
  • Resting your weight on one leg, not both
  • Crossing a knee when seated (always the same one), unable to sit with your feet flat
  • Tensing the jaw, grinding the teeth
  • Sucking in the gut, never relaxing the abdominals
  • Resting on your heels or the outsides of your feet
  • Walking on your toes
  • Arms crossed over your chest, shoulders internally rotated
  • Tight hold on the computer mouse when reading a webpage
  • Left foot always leads or right foot always leads, staying a fraction of a second longer on the lead foot each step

Sessions will include Osteopathic Treatment with Corrective Exercise Prescription. Upon booking your first session online you will need to complete a NEW PATIENT FORM prior to your first appointment. You can access the CLINIC BOOKINGS BUTTON in the MAIN MENU to schedule your appointment. Health Rebates Available