Absolutely! At Movement Studio we welcome all ages and levels of fitness into our group training sessions. We are able to modify and support your training from foundation ability all the way through to advanced lifting techniques.

We are equipped to work with any existing injuries and presentations that you may have and help overcome any that may arise as you return to training.

Our highly skilled Allied health Practitioners will perform a Functional Movement Screen before you arrive at your first training session. This will guarantee your return to full function and fitness in a safe and progressive way, thus ensuring your peace of mind.

Long gone are the days when weights were reserved for the muscle-obsessed gym junkies and lifters! Weight training has HUGE benefits for everybody, especially women. 

  • Weight training for women strengthens the muscles without bulking. 
  • Muscle strength is important for more than just the aesthetic. 
  • Improving your muscle mass improves bodily function. 
  • Weight training not only builds stronger muscles but also strengthens connective tissue, bone density, and increases joint stability. 
  • Weight training will reduce the risk of joint arthritis, prevent falls and prevent bone density issues such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. 
  • As with all exercise, strength and weight training improve mood and confidence. You will get a release of endorphins which helps improve your mood, prevent pain and fight depression.
  • Weight training can improve your cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. 
  • Weight training will assist with ageing gracefully and improving energy levels to spend more quality time with family and keep up with the grandchildren.

Book your free trial at our Training Clinic to start receiving all the benefits that weight training can offer you!

Sign your pre-workout waiver before you book. Park your car out the front of 40 Milton St Ashfield and make your way upstairs. You’ll be greeted by our Training Clinic team, who will show you where our equipment is, and talk you through the day's session. Forty-five minutes of our bespoke blend of pilates, strength training, and functional movements will definitely get your body moving! 

You will need a small towel, some water, and (optional) pair of workout gloves.

There’s ample parking out the front of 40 Milton St. When you arrive upstairs you will fill out a new patient form that gives us a bit more information about what’s happening with your body. Our staff will then see you into our Clinic room for your treatment. 

Most Osteo appointments begin with general massage to get a sense of what is happening in the body, and to warm the soft tissue into any necessary adjustments. Your Allied Health practitioner will work to restore balance and optimal posture and function to your body.

Book your appointment today to move better and feel amazing.

This really depends on your fitness and health goals. If you are wanting to achieve the best possible results, we recommend you join as a Platinum Member. This allows you full access to all training sessions and gives you a 10% discount on your Osteo Clinic treatments. 

This integrated approach to your health and fitness will give you results like you’ve never had before. This is our most popular membership where the transformations are huge and long standing injuries and issues are resolved.

Our Foundation membership will suit a once a week training schedule. Our Functional Movement Screen is a great way to start, and is complimentary in your free trial of our Training Clinic group sessions. 

If you have any further questions, text us on 0434 395 408.