For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the way the body moves and flows.It’s a passion that led me to win the Victorian Choreographic competition at 13, dance for The Australian Opera at 15, and later take a degree in Performance Studies at Victoria University.

As my career progressed I learned to listen to my body and allow it to heal, but when I suffered a serious knee injury that continued to flare up, I knew there was so much more to the body. I began to take and then teach pilates, and also took Corrective Exercise Kinesiology Training specialising in Scientific Back Training and Scientific Core Training at the Chek Institute in the US and UK. It was a journey that would transform the way I thought about the body. After completing a degree in Osteopathy in London, I returned home and began to think of ways to give back to women from all walks of life.

In 2015 I opened Movement Studio to provide Functional Fitness for Fabulous Females just like you and integrate Osteopathic care. By combining everything from Functional Training and Strength & Conditioning, to HIIT and Pilates, I specialise in navigating you through the complexities of rehab. The result is a return to full function that allows you to move freely like never before.

My approach is based on semi-private sessions with 8-10 members receiving instruction from trained physical specialists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and strength coaches. By encouraging you to embrace every aspect of who you are in a free and truly holistic way, I want to set you free to enjoy life in every way possible.

Together, we will set you free to move in your own special way.

Why do you love training clients?

I gain huge satisfaction from seeing my clients overcome physical difficulties and obstacles they thought were insurmountable. I like instilling in them high self belief and positive mindsets. Its hugely rewarding for me to see my clients changing not only their bodies but their thinking, attitudes and their perception of themselves. I believe that if you put the hard work in you deserve to feel proud of yourself and use this new confidence as a solid building block for taking further risks and seeing how far you can go with it. I think of my clients as family. It might sound strange but I truly care about their happiness and I know from my own personal development and achievements that anything they set their minds on can become a reality if they are prepared to work for it.

What is your fitness history?

I started as a dancer. I love music, dance and the performing arts. I studied all genres of performance from fringe theatre to contact theatre and classical, jazz, contemporary and even tap and song and dance musicals. Dancers have uniquely strong yet elegant bodies and whilst I was determined to become a professional ballerina, I experienced a very painful knee injury which I learnt to overcome through correct training. By learning how to squat properly and fix my biomechanics, I freed myself from years of physical injury. I now focus on relative strength training and Pilates mostly with plenty of mobility drills.

What moments are you proud of?

Im proud of both my degrees. I spent nearly 9 years at uni learning about the body in all its facets. I'm proud of my ability to get people out of pain and moving through full pain free function again. Some people I've helped learn to walk properly again, others I've removed their back or knee pain and enabled them to avoid surgery. I'm also proud of some of my PB's when it comes to lifting weights. I plan to keep getting stronger.

What is your fitness credo?

Keep it healthy and wholistic. Stretch, jump, run, lift and dance a little too. It's also hugely important to keep it fun. Find your friends in fitness also, as they will keep you accountable and guarantee best results. "Sweat now, shine later".