Why do you like training clients?

I guess this is something that all trainers have in common and it is a feeling of satisfaction. It is always the time when we laugh and suffer in the same time together. It is also about getting to know many, many beautiful people, making the connections and conversations...It is the feeling of fulfilment when you see the happiness on their faces and then you get the feedback on how good they are feeling and how much they enjoyed our sessions and my company. It is a kind of feeling you just HAVE to fall in love with!

What is your fitness history?

It was always my daddy who would lead me to sports. One of my earliest memories connecting with a sport was skiing at the age of 3 and crying when they took the ski of my feet. Then there would always be some sport I would be interested in. I remember I wanted to join the hockey female team but I was too young for the local team. Then I tried playing Tennis for a while, snowboarding every winter, ice skating and eventually I found lifting. I got my first fitness program when I was around 16 years old. Let me tell you, at this age you don’t really understand how muscles and our bodies work, but probably this is the thing you get very deep into once you first get to see some results. I am very glad I chose to study fitness in Australia because Sydney especially has plenty of courses and fitness departments. Everything you want to learn about fitness is HERE.

What moments are you proud of?

I am probably proud of every fitness job I got and proved what kind of trainer-coach I am. I'm definitely proud of my certificates (Certificate III and IV in Fitness). I am proud of every fitness achievement of the people I train. I am proud of every little small step they do and friendships we make. I am proud of the path I chose of helping people and making them happy.

What is your fitness credo?

Make your training interesting, make it fun, make it safe and always accept the challenge!